Even if we all are browsing almost daily on Social websites, we still face this problem of typing slow on ours computer keyboard, and it looks like almost everyone fails to do it correctly and many of use are using too much time to type some words.

Here is a guide which will give you the necessary Tips and Tricks to help you to type a lot faster with your keyboard.

1. Finger Positions On The Keyboard
Please take a look at the image and pay attention to the correct finger position on keyboard.


As you see initially and even after you type a word or any letter your finger must go back to initial position just like in the image. If you want to write faster with your keyboard you must be sure that you use all the finger, all 10. This is the basic step and the most important.

2. How to share keyboard with finger?
You should know that each finger has an access to different key which allows you to type faster rather than typing with only two or three fingers, or one hand. Please view the next image that shows with which finger you can access specific keyboard letters.


You can start practicing typing slow and steady with all the fingers. Don’t hurry, you need some time to get used to it, and should not forget to use it everyday. After getting used you’ll still type slow because you need time to improve your correct typing.

3. Practice Without Looking At The Keyboard
Start practicing with alphabets, so you’ll learn basically how to find a letter. Next thing you should do is typing without looking at keyboard. For sure it will be a hard task, so just try to memorize the keyboard, and by practicing a lot you’ll get it.

Now you can start learning to type correctly and fast, also you can use the following online application which will show you how to type correctly and which will train you. Keep repeating this process for few days with at least 15 min. daily, and be sure that your typing speed will increase dramatically.

Learn to type fast here

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