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Blu-ray is supported under Linux and VLC is the app for Blu-ray play back. Play Blu-ray requires you to ave MakeMKV installed. This should allow the Linux users to play Blu-ray discs on their computers. It is easy and you can listen or play anything you want on your PC. Here is how you can do that.


This is a common method of playing Blu-ray on Linux.This is by ripping the Blu-ray to a digital file which is in the MKV format using the MakeMKV, and then alternatively shrinking the file with Handbrake. This method has been a viable option for many people though it uses most storage space and time. You wait for hours on average for a transcode to occur.

If you wish to compress your movies, then it is suggested you install handbrake which the team supports Ubuntu under a PPA repository. You should be able to cut your 20-30 GB movie to 4-6 GB without a lot of noticeable loss for most people.

Virtual Machines

For this method, you bump up the CPU count, Video memory and install the Guest Additions for Virtual Box. After you have done that, you can play your Blu-ray discs.

Using An External Blu-Ray Player

This method is easy and cuts out function of your PC while it is playing. The method is applicable if the device has HDMI out to your monitor’s HBMI in. It does play the Blu-ray discs smoothly.

Using Integrated Playback within Linux

This method is to assimilate MakeMKV with the VLC using a simple seamless fashion. The MakeMKV calls a conversion of the inserted Blu-ray disc and then uses its streaming function to cast the video using the UpnP protocol over VLC. You have to open up MakeMKV and open the Blu-ray disc to stream your disc. MakeMKV will check the content and reveal to you titles, which can be checked.

Digital Downloads

You can experience Blu-ray quality by choosing a digital download service. Some of the services are iTune, Amazon, Vuvu, Xbox and Google. This enables Blu-ray discs to play quality content.

The hunt for dependable Blu-ray playback is still going on so as to get excellent results. Ripping movies, in most cases is the sure way to make backups of your Blu-ray and to play them back as well. The easiest method is using the play Blu-ray script.

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