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Google Chrome grows sometimes in a positive directions, sometimes not. Earlier we compared Google Chrome browser with the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Well, some Google Chrome users complain about high RAM usage.  Some other users found how to use Google Chrome at maximum possibilities and found out how to run Android apps in Google Chrome browser.

Earlier Google Chrome was updated with some new feature, one of the best feature Google Chrome added is a speaker icon on tabs when something on the web page plays a video or audio.

Now the new version of Google Chrome has a new feature, that can allow you to easy mute a tab from you browser.

How to Mute Tabs in Google Chrome with One Click

With the new feature you can mute any tab with a single click.

Mute Tabs in Google Chrome - Facebook

To do it you have to go with mouse over the tab you want to mute, then right-click and choose Mute Tab. You will see a small line over the speaker, which means that the audio is muted.

Now you know how you can mute any tab easy, especially when you have a dozen of tabs open.

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