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Contacts are one of the most important things on our phone. The problem is that we can lose our contacts, by loosing our phone or by just simply formatting it. If the contacts are on the SIM we can lose the SIM, or when replacing the SIM we can loose contacts.

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As and Android user, you must know that contacts fro your phone can be managed and stored on your Google accounts. So from anywhere you will have access to them.

Best thing to do when you get and Android phone, is to make sure that you moved all of your contacts on your Google account.

To do this you will have to go to Contacts, under Contacts to Display -> Device, the tap the three-bar menu and choose Import/Export. From there you can export all your contacts to a .vcf file and save them anywhere you want.

Android Manage Contacts

Note, than on other phones you will have to go to Contacts, the Settings menu -> Manage Contacts and tap Back up, from where you can choose SIM card and tap OK.

Now this .vcf file contains all your contacts. Now using a file browsing app, go to the location where you saved your .vcf file, and tap on it to open. Your phone should ask if you want to import it. You confirm it and choose your Google account which should be your Google email address.

Now, you know how to get all your contacts stored in a safe place by using the .vcf file, or the best method is to store the to your Google Account.

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By using Google accounts you will be able to switch fast to a new phone, or if you loose your phone and get a new one you will be able easy to get back your contacts. When adding your Google account to your phone, the contacts will automatically sync to your phone.

Also you ca check and manage your contacts from your computer using the web browser. Visit and login with your Google account.

Hope that this guide will help you. Now tell us in the comments bellow if you knew about this method, and how did you use to save your phone contacts.

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