We can use Chromecast device for mirroring your desktop or Android devices to your TV, but if you are using an Apple TV, you can do the same thing with your Mac device.

Apple TV costs $69, it’s a very attractive device. Anyway we would recoomend much cheaper Chromecast for your streaming needs. Google’s Chromecast works with iPhone and iPad without mirroring, and with OS X with mirroring, as long as you are using the Chrome browser and Chromecast plugin.

You should know that Apple TV works as an AirPlay device, which means that you can cast and stream content to your Apple TV, to watch it on a big screen.

All you need is an iMac, Macbook or Mac Air, and of course an Apple TV second generation or later.

Set up AirPlay on Apple TV

From your Apple TV you need to open the “Settings” from the main menu.

apple tv settings

On the next screen, you will have to select “AirPlay”


Now, on the next screen you will have to make sure that AirPlay is turned “On”

turn airplay on

If you are done, you can now use your Apple TV as an AirPlay display. See next steps for your other device.

Mirroring from Your Mac

First you will need to check your Displays settings by opening the System Preferences and click “Displays”. Then you will have to initiate mirroring from the options in the lower left corner by enabling “On” the AirPlay Display.

initiate mirroring mac os x

Now AirPlay icon should appear on the menu bar, if it doesn’t appear make sure your Apple TV is on and awake.

Now, from the menu bar choose AirPlay icon, then connecting “AirPlay Display” Apple TV. After you are connected to your Apple TV, click on the AirPlay menu bar button once again and choose options like to exted your desktop to AirPlay or mirror the display attached to it.

apple airplay icon menu bar

You can also match the desktop size, netter set it to “Apple TV” and your desktop’s resolution will try to best match your HDTV. Also when setting it to your Mac’s display, your computer’s desktop will have the sharpest image, but probably not HDTV’s screen.

To adjust your AirPlay display resolution, go again to your Display Preferences.

display resolution

If you need to calibrate your Apple TV on your display, like using a projector, just click “Open Projector Calibrator” and make your adjustments.

mac os x project calibrator

That’s all on how to mirror your Mac on Apple TV, we did not get any issues, it’s a lot of clicking but not to hard. If you have any issues, try again it must work.

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