If your computer is dead and is not booting anymore, there is a big chance that the computer’s hard drive is note dead and you can still migrate data from it. Maybe your computer hardware is too old and not working or maybe a Windows problem, it doesn’t matter, I will guide you how you can migrate data from your dead computer.

Note: If you computer is not working because of hard drive that there are not too many chances to recover data from it, if you have problems with hard-drive you should contact a service center.

Boot from a Linux Live CD

If your computer is still working but not booting into windows there is a simple method to migrate your data by creating a Linux Live CD and booting from it. Don’t worry if you never used Linux, is not hard at all.

First, you will have to download Ubuntu .iso image, you can download x32bit Ubuntu here.

Here is a full guide on how to run Ubuntu from a USB Memory Stick. 

To run Ubuntu on a CD or DVD you will have to burn Ubuntu.iso file you downloaded on a CD/DVD, you can do it easy with Free Burning program InfraRecorder.

After having a CD/DVD with Ubuntu on it or a USB Memory stick, insert the CD/DVD or USB Memory stick into your computer and start it up. You will have to make sure that in BIOS, under Boot Manager, you CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive is set first in order. After booting up you will chose “Try Ubuntu“.

ubuntu install first screen

Now Ubuntu will boot up, you will open the Folder Icon from the bar you see on the left, insert into your computer another UBS Memory Stick or USB External Hard Drive. Now you will have to access your Windows Files from the Directory. From Devices list you can see you Windows Directories also you can select another partition if you have another one. To get files from your Windows desktop and My Documents folder you should go to:

Documents and Settings/Users/Your User/Desktop

Documents and Settings/Users/Your User/My Documents


Users/Your User/Desktop

Users/Your User/My Documents

aceess windows files from ubuntu directory

Copy all your files and documents on a external hard drive or USB tick, make sure you check everything and after you can easily transfer your files from USB stick or external hard drive to another computer.

Put the Computer Hard Drive in Another Computer

Another solution is to pull out your computer Hard drive and connect it to another computer, but you need to have a little of experience to open your computer case, pull out the hard drive and open case on the computer you want to connect it and to connect it correctly. After making sure that everything is connected correctly you will boot up your computer and you will see more partitions from where you can transfer your data to the partition on your computer you are working on, or on a USB Memory Stick.

To do it on a laptop it is very complicated, usually you will have to unfold your laptop apart to take out your hard drive.

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