maximize window os x yosemiteUsually clicking on the green maximize button, expands and enlarges the window to a larger size, but in the new OS X Yosemite clicking on the green maximize button, enlarges the app to full screen. This is annoying as i often change the apps in which i work.

However, there are 2 simple methods to maximize an app as in the old Mac version

1. Hold down the Option button, hover your mouse cursor over the green zoom button and when it changes from two arrows into a plus icon, indicating the buttons behavior has changed, click on it holding the Option button.

2. This method is available in almost all versions of Windows or Linux. Just double-click the window title bar, which will enlarge the window the same as clicking on the plus button.

For sure there are more methods on how to maximize/minimize a window, like setting up a specific keyboard shortcut or maybe changing the maximize button behavior. If you know any simple way to do this, leave it in a comment and we’ll add it to the tutorial.

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