We are always treated to new technology almost every month. Apple has come with a new technology that will blow your imagination away, yet again. The latest fascinating news is in form of a TV box. This Apple TV Box has a well integrated storage capacity that enables you download games and apps at your convenience. The space is free and in order to manage it properly and to continue enjoying the box for a long time, here are some things you need to know.

Good Storage Space

You will discover that the latest Apple TV is with a maximum storage space of 64 GB. The standard version of the TV has a 32 GB storage capacity. The price tags of these two TVs are $199 and $149 respectively. It is important to note that the memory that comes with this TV is not upgradable. If you happen to like storing things, you will not stay for long before getting the low storage warning.

Delete Unwanted Items

With your new TV, you should be able to configure the various applications and games that are preinstalled. After some time, you will want to delete whatever it is that you don’t like or use. You need to know the techniques to use in order to manage the storage space of the TV. To be able to get access to the storage management area, you must first open the settings box which is found on the home screen.

Go to the General settings

apple tv manage storage space

Once you are on the General settings screen, you should scroll down all the way to the icon ‘Manage Storage’. When you click on this icon, you will find all that’s installed. The arrangement is normally from the largest going down to the smallest. This makes it easy to know what is taking most or the least space.

Go on to Remove the Apps

Click on the trash can besides the application you want to remove. Confirm by clicking on the dialogue box that pops up. Click on all the things that you don’t need and you will end up with plenty of space in your New Apple TV.

It is as simple as that and as you can see the steps are easy to follow. Enjoy watching you Apple TV and using different applications by managing the storage space.

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