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I think that each of use sometimes was annoyed by some people calling you at night, or telemarketer robots calling you and telling you about promotions. Thankfully iPhones can manage blocked phone numbers just as easy as Android Devices.

Well, in the USA if someone bothers you, you can to register on the National Do Not Call Registry. There you can list the phone number that you want to be blocked.

For other countries these type of registry doesn’t really exist, so how to manage and block calls from the phone numbers you don’t want to receive calls? Read bellow.

Manage Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Block a Phone Number

On your iPhone when someone calls you, you can ignore the phone call. Also from call logs you can block the phone number that is calling you.

Now the blocked phone number will be unable to call you, or text or even FaceTime you.

Manager Blocked Phone Numbers

What if you need to unblock the phone number you blocked earlier?

In such cases, you can manage the blocked phone numbers from iOS settings.

Manage Blocked Numbers on iPhone - Settings

To do it, open ‘Settings‘ then tap on ‘Phone‘ and the open ‘Blocked‘.

Now on Blocked screen, you will see a list of phone numbers that you blocked, well if you did block someone. If you see, you can add manually other phone numbers that you want to block by tapping on ‘Add New…

Manage Blocked Numbers on iPhone - Add New

When you tap ‘Add New…‘ button, you can add anyone in your contact list, or add an existing contact.

Also you can type the ‘Edit‘ button on upper-right corner. With edit, you can remove phone numbers from blocked list. When finished tap ‘Done’ button from the upper-right corner.

Note that you can block phone numbers from Call Logs, Messages and FaceTime. Also you can access blocked phone numbers from Messages settings and FaceTime settings.

No matter from where you blocked the phone number, they will be blocked for all three things: Calling, Messaging and FaceTiming you.

If you blocked someone temporarily, you should not forget to unblock him or her later. The person will not be able to contact you in anyway if an urgency happens.

If you know good tricks for you iPhone, please feel free to share in the comments at the bottom. Also if you have any questions about your iOS device, do not hesitate to ask it right in the comments section.

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