How to Make Sure To Buy A USB Type-C Cable That Will Not Damage Your Devices

The Type-C USB cable is used to charge your phone and laptop, it is also used to transfer and send 4k video to devices. Unfortunately, some do not work well and this could lead to damaging your hardware. The USB Type-C phone may be made to use 3amps power while the laptop USB port can deliver 2amps or less. A poor quality USB Type-C cable assumes the phone is connected to a 3 amp power source. The phone will be damaged because it will tend to withdraw more power from a less power source.

How to Find a Safe USB Type-C Cable

  1. Look at the USB plug itself

A good Type-C cable use deep-draw extrusion method to produce Type-C plug. The seam should not visible and should be a one piece metal. A connector which is made of zinc tin alloy can be broken easily. The connector should not be folded or stamped. Once it is broken, the cable can’t handle its power requirements. That means it has to be replaced.

  1. Cables certified by the USB-IF

Many consumers can’t tell by looking at the cable if it has the appropriate resistors or tested to be compliant with USB Type-C standards. They are advised to buy the cables certified by the USB-IF to ensure their device’s safety.

  1. Logos to look for

USB-IF has logos that manufacturers can use if their cables have been certified. These logos are found on the product packaging though some products do not have the logos. These logos are Original USB, Superspeed USB, Superspeed USB 10Gbps.

  1. Cables from quality brands

You should make sure you buy cables from brands you know and trust rather than buying the cheapest ones. Avoid going for cheap options made by unknown brands. Sometime its worth sticking to the reputable brands.

To make sure you buy a USB Type-C cable that will not damage your devices, you should check the USB-IF list of the USB Type-C cables that have been certified because they passed the test.

The best option is to use a cable that came along with your USB-Type-C device. This will avoid your device from being damaged due to use of unsafe USB Type-C cables. With the tips above, it will be now easier to get the right USB Type C-cable. It’s better to buy an expensive and quality one than to end up with a damaged device.

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