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One importnat thing probably you don’t know or you forgot. When iOS9 appeared, Apple made Mobile Data to connect automatically when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. For some this is a loose of money and Gigabytes, especially when you are in a zone with poor Wi-Fi signal and you are using it for long time.

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Mobile Data has become more important for us than the number of SMS that we can send or the number of minutes we can talk with others. Because of this default enable function you can loose hundreds of Megabytes in one day. This can be critical if you will have to pay all used mobile data after.

This function works even if your Mobile Data is off. As soon as your Wi-Fi contact is poor, the iPhone will automatically enable Mobile Data and will start using it. The only solution is to disable this function which assists Wi-Fi by using Mobile Data.

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Disable Mobile Data Assistance for Wi-Fi

Everything you have to do is to go to Configurations, then Cellular, scroll down and you will see Wi-Fi Assist option. make sure you disable it so it will be inactive.


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Hope you will save a lot of Mobile Data traffic. Tell us please, was this tutorial helpful?

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