Just got an Android device and you want to use it securely? Did you know that can happen to infect your Android with a virus.

Fake Apps

It’s the same story like on your PC, someone downloads malware from the Google Play store, and you don’t know what exactly does that app, so it can be a fake app that would compromise your privacy due to bad security settings on the phone.

Here’s how to protect yourself. Take care what Applications yo u are installing on your device, even if they are from Google Play Market, doesn’t always mean that they are safe.

While Google Play is still fairly secure, there can be more problems on Amazon’s App store, Samsung App store or LG App Store, because Google has the biggest experience, Google has had its problems in the past with viruses making their way into the app store. Fake versions of popular games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush regularly make their way into the network.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams on Android devices aren’t unlike the scams you get via email on your computer, they usually can show you a real game and get infected in the moment of play time, like buy an upgrade, or install an update. Don’t click on suspicious links in emails on your device. Don’t tap links in SMS messages, once you click on the link, it’s all over. Someone will have access to all you information on your device.

Passwords must be everywhere

Don’t keepkeep passwords on your mobile device, anyone can one day get them all, and do the bad things to you, do not keep your passwords on mail, as your smartphone is connected with your mail and it’s the same thing, you can keep your passwords on your mobile device, but it’s better to keep them in an encrypted app with password like:  Keeper® Password Manager, read more about it on Google Play Market.

Everywhere set up a strong pass code you can remember and keep your phone locked at all times.

You do not to create somehow a very sophisticated pass code either, a strong security is choosing a pass code that’s not a dictionary code and something that no one would really guess, don’t use your birthday, or any over regular words, the best passwords, is at least 8 characters and some letters and numbers mixed.

Get Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is a good defense against malware and viruses that slip through your defenses, even if Android doesn’t really get infected by viruses, your Android device can be used as a method to transport viruses from on PC to another, and to all devices you connect your device. Use it with cautions, get an Antivirus on android, which will minimize possibilities to infect your android with a virus, or transport a virus like Mobile Security & Antivirus from Avast.

Till now enjoy your Android Device and do not forget to use elementary security things, also do not forget that you phone can be stolen, where the bad guy will surely access all your data. So over protected doesn’t mean always bad.


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