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Installing WordPress using FTP it’s a 5 minutes affair. Of course for this tutorial you’ll need a FTP software to transfer the WordPress files onto your hosting server.

1. Prepare files
Download the latest version of WordPress from here. Unzip the archive and using the FTP software, depending on where you want to install it, upload files into your web host directory. To install it on the main domain, upload files in /public_html/ directory.

2. Create Database
Into your hosting control panel find MySQL Databases and create a new one. Find a step by step tutorial HERE

3. Install WordPress
Now that you created a database, go to the URL where you uploaded WordPress files. For the main domain just go to mysite.com there you should see a page like this

there doesn't seem to be a wp-config.php file

Click on Create a Configuration File. On the next page you should complete the boxes, including the information of the database you just created. Then just click Submit.

4. Configure Website
Now that we configured WordPress, it’s time to configure our website. Press Run the Install button, and in this page we’ll introduce the information about our site like title, your username, password and e-mail. When you’re done, click Install WordPress.configure wordpress site

That’s all, now just login with the Username and Password you just created, choose a template and start posting.


  1. I don’t know if you are trying to write blog posts on subjects and tactics I need right this very moment, but I’d be ok if you kept doing it! This is the second one in as many weeks I’ll be able to walk through step-by-step for two different cliens

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