startmenuYes, we know you’re burning of impatience, that’s why we made a tutorial on how to install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview on your PC. There’s nothing new or hard, it’s all about a few Next buttons, just like the old install process. So let’s get to work, faster.

As this is the Technical preview version we recommend you to not install it on your primary PC.

1. Become an Insider
Join the Windows Insider Program to be part of the experts/professionals team and download the Windows 10 ISO image

2. Burn it!
Burn the ISO image on a CD or create a bootable USB flash drive

3. Install
Finally. Install windows as the old versions.

If you never installed one, we can help you:

Plug the bootable USB or the CD and power on your computer, press any key when required. After a few time you’ll see a screen like this.

install windows 10 1

Choose the language, time, currency in which OS should be then click Next and on the next screen click the Install now button in the middle.

install windows 10 2

Now you should choose whether you are upgrading Windows or installing a new custom install. If you’re not installing on your primary PC we recommend you to install a new one by pressing Custom: Install

install windows 10 3

At this point you should choose on which Drive you would install Windows, if you are installing on a PC you’ll need to delete or create a new partition, if on a Virtual Machine just click Next.

install windows 10 4

Wait till it installs and reboots. Then you’ll be able to select the settings, but we recommend you to use Express settings.[1]


After all this, now you should login to your Microsoft account and you’ll be asked whether setting a new PC or copy the settings from your old PC. As we recommended you to install Windows 10 on another PC you can choose to Set it up as a new PC[1]

That’s all! Enjoy the new Windows 10 on your PC.


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