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Windows and Linux, despite being two completely different operating systems, can co-exist quite well on a single PC. If you are looking for a way to get the most out of these two PC worlds by dual booting, then in this guide, you are going to find the perfect guide on how to install Linux with Windows.

Usually by default, Windows have this habit of being the selfish O.S, because it wants to be the only operating system running in your PC. Linux, on the other hand, can be described as the selfless one, because it allows you to install it alongside Windows and does not cause any conflicts with the kernels.

First things first, there are a few requirements needed for this dual boot. One of them is a copy of any Windows installation disc, or a bootable USB drive containing the Operating system.

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The second important necessity is Ubuntu installation ISO of your preference. You can download from their official website Ubuntu.com, or visit third party sites that offer the same.

Other Things You Will Need

  1. Blank DVD or USB drive.
  2. About 2 hours of your time to pull this off.


Ensure you back up all your data to avoid loss in case things go wrong, or if you are doing a clean install of both Operating systems.

Now that you gathered the requirements, assuming there is currently no operating system on your system, here’s how you go about the installation.

  • First partition your system

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Since your aim is to run both Windows and Linux on your PC, you need to partition your hard drive to give space for the two operating systems, and another third partition to store all the files that each operating system will store. To do this, you require the Linux based Uber tool called GParted.  Just boot a live session from your Ubuntu CD or USB drive and run GParted, which will allow you to partition your hard drive.

  • Install Windows

Windows 8 Install Now

Now that you have partitioned your hard drive, grab your Windows CD or USB and boot your PC into boot menu. Go through the installation of Windows, making sure you allocate it to the partition you already chose. Once you are at the Windows desktop, set your defaults and other normal requirements of a first boot, then turn off your PC for the next step.

  • Install Ubuntu Linux

ubuntu install first screen

Start your computer and enter into boot menu, this time with your Ubuntu DVD or USB. Choose your language, and then select “try Ubuntu without making any changes to your computer”. This enables you to boot into a Live Ubuntu desktop running on the DVD or USB. The installation takes just a short time, and once it’s done, you are free to customize your language and add the partition you want your O.S to be stored.

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Once you complete your customization, reboot you PC. You’ll notice that there is an option to boot from either of the two Operating systems. All you have to do is select the one you want to boot and you’re up!

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