Earlier we posted about the Disconnect app. The app that it is considered to be one of the most hated by Google. Why? Because the Disconnect is one of the most popular apps that can shield users against invisible tracking tools. It increases consumer awareness on surreptitious data-collection methods. It can also block malware and spying tools. Read more about Disconnect here.

How to Install Disconnect on Mobile Phone

Because Disconnect was banned from the Play Store, you must enable third party apps in Android. To enable a third party apps, go to Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources.

install disconnect - unknown sourcesNow from your smartphone’s browser navigate to disconnect.me URL, to download Disconnect app. You will receive a prompt to choose where you want to download the file. You should find it in the Download directory on your Android phone.

After download open the APK file either from your browser, either navigate to location with a file explorer. You can use a file explorer (such as ES File Explorer File Manager ) to locate the APK file in your Downloads directory. When the file is located choose to open it with the Package installed if you will be prompted.

What Will You Get Using the Free Version of Disconnect

On Android, the free version of Disconnect will offer two main functions: Shielded searches, and information on surreptitious tracking elements. Also if you will use Disconnect.me search, your searches will be encrypted. You can use Tor Browser too for hiding your tracks and search anonymously.

Scan Website for Unsecure and Secret Tracking Elements

To scan a website for unsecure and secret tracking elements, you will have to start the app and then select Identify Threats. You can do the same on your Tor Browser.

Then, type the name of a website you want to scan for unsecure elements. After the scan is complete you will get a graph with various information about the sharing sites which will get unencrypted access to your data.

Disconnect on Other Platforms

Disconnect is still available on Chrome Browser for you PC and as a program for your PC. Also you can find Disconnect app for iOS. You can download them here:

Do you still feel secure? What privacy apps do you use and what would you like to recommend to simple internet users in order to protect their privacy?

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