android1[1]Changing your boot screen animation makes your phone look a little bit more cooler.
There are 2 methods on changing the boot screen animation, if your phone is rooted and if not. If you didn’t found already the boot animation to use, create one via this Article or use that which we used in the tutorial below.

1. How to change Boot Screen on rooted devices
Tested on Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 1: You’ll need a root explorer app, search on Google Play (in our tutorial we’ll use ES File)

Step 2: Copy the “” into your device (we used Watch Dogs style animation, find the download link at the bottom of the page)

Step 3: The files we need to change are hidden into the root directory, so Enable the root directory. In ES File Explorer go to Menu > Settings, check Up to Root then below check Root Explorer. Accept Superuser requests.

Step 4: Now, into your app, navigate to where you downloaded the file at the second step and Copy it.

Step 5: Navigate to the root directory, then to /data/local/ and paste the file there, it must be named

Reboot device and Enjoy.

2. How to change Boot Screen on non-rooted devices
This was tested on Windows 7

Step 1: We’ll need the last Android SDK Download

Step 2: Right-click on My computer (on your desktop or from the Start menu), click Properties then Advanced System Settings

Step 3: Click Environment Variables then in the bottom “System Variables” window, find Path, select it and click Edit.

edit system variables path

Step 4: At the end of the “Variable Value:“, add a ; sign and then write the path to the platform-tools folder from the Android SDK (that we downloaded at the Step 1) like this:

;C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

Step 5: Click OK

Step 6: Plug in your device using a USB data cable, and enable USB Debugging

Step 7: Run a Command Prompt window Start > Run or press Windows key + R, then write: cmd and press Enter

Step 8: Using Command Prompt navigate to the folder that stores the file (in your computer) (we used Watch Dogs style animation, find the download link at the bottom of the page)

You can navigate directly to that folder, for example if is stored in C:/animation/ then in Command Prompt write:
cd C:/animation/

Or you can navigate through each folder, using dir command to get a list with all files stored into a folder and then using cd navigate to the folder you want
cd C:/
cd animation

Step 9: Now type in following commands:
adb pull /data/local/ C:\
adb push /data/local

If all goes fine, you’ll get something like this: 12,555 kb/s (1250000002 bytes) in 15 seconds

Step 10: You’re done, now to test it just reboot your device.

How to create a Boot Screen Animation – Read here

Download Watch Dogs boot animation – Mirror #1 Mirror #2

Credits for Watch Dogs animation: Cornel Comendant

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