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Your phone is an important gadget because it comes handy in different ways. That is if we are to gauge by the modern phone buying and usage trends that have made a phone almost a must have device for everyone. As phones get advanced in technology, usability and size, more battery capacity is required for them. It is especially important for the Smartphone devices which most of the time last a just a few hours before giving a ‘low battery’ sign. You can dramatically improve the performance of your Android 6.0 battery by using the following tricks:

The Doze App

Android Battery Performance - Doze

Android Marshmallow has introduced the Doze app feature, which has the capacity to tremendously save your battery’s life and improve its performance. This feature is especially ideal when your phone is not in use and when the screen is off. It goes in to a deep slumber where only the most basic and critical functions run in the background. This app will stop working when the phone has been plugged in.

You Can Modify It

In order to benefit fully from this feature, you will need to have a rooted device that is using the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Once installed, you will enjoy a wide range of phone features that will wait for just a few seconds before going to sleep. The good thing with this feature is that you can modify some of the functions that it can perform. If for example you feel that the Doze app is a little bit aggressive or intense, you can modify its functionality and remain with the features that you still want to be running in the background.


The installation and the modification of the Doze app will require that you have some knowledge on how it works. Take care when modifying f the app because you can unintentionally make it slow in its performance or even crush it. It requires some technical skills to that and ensure that the app is not negatively affected.

Android Battery Performance - Doze Installation

If on the other hand you don’t have a rooted device, you can opt to have Greenify app which works with Doze well. The big plus that comes with this app is that it employs its own system to put all the unused application and phone features into a complete hibernation. With these apps, you have the best chance of staying for days without recharging your Android phone.

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