Export and Import Rules in Outlook 3

If you create rules in one computer and you want to copy them into another computer, or you simply want to get rules from your friend’s computer, it is possible. All you need is to learn the steps on how to do it.

  1. Shift to the mail view by clicking the mail in the navigation pane.

2. Open the rules and alerts dialog box as shown below.

Export and Import Rules in Outlook 13. Click the options on the E-mail rules tab as shown below.

Export and Import Rules in Outlook 24. The option dialog box comes out. You chose whether you want to import rules or export rules.

5. Once you click on the import rules option, the following screen will appear.

Export and Import Rules in Outlook 3

6. Choose files you want to import and click next and then click on the open button.

7. Press OK button in a dialogue box.

If you had chosen you want to export option in step number 4, and then a save exported rules will appear as a dialogue box. You then open a folder to save the exported files and then enter a name for file in the file name box. Then click save as shown on the screen below.

Export and Import Rules in Outlook 4

The last step of pressing the OK button in a dialogue box applies to both importing rules and exporting rules.

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Outlook rules are stored in .rwz files bearing the name of your profile in the default outlook directory. To open the folder for outlook files you go to Start> Run and then insert the following,

VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8: % USER PROFILE % \APP Data\Roaming\Microsoft\outlook

You should always check all the imported rules to make sure they are still active because sometimes they are deactivated. Since 2010, outlook rules are stored as per mail box basis. It is easy to back up a collection of rules saved in your pc .A set of rules are exported as a file with .rwz extension. These functions help users to share a collection of rules and set custom actions that help them. Those who use MS outlook as their desktop email client must have learnt by now that Rules and Alerts play a very important role in structuring and organizing their emails.

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With these simples steps, you can import and export rules on Outlook.  No need to hire someone to it for you, just do it without skipping any step. And within a few minutes the task will be complete.

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