Windows 10 has a new feature called Cortana. Cortana is a personal assistant integrated into your taskbar. If you think that you have small amount of space on taskbar you can remove Cortana.

Cortana can be fully removed from taskbar or transformed into an icon. Before doing this you must know that Cortana is a personal assistant which will assist you digitally. It is a part of Windows which will help you in different situations when you are working with Windows. Before removing it give it a try.

To Removing the Cortana Search Box from the Taskbar

On empty space on the taskbar right-click then go to Search and then you will have three options to choose from:

Select “Show search box” if you want to see the searchbox on the taskbar.

Select “Show search icon” if you want to see the search icon on the taskbar.

Select “Disabled” if you don’t want to see Cortana at all on the taskbar.

windows 10 cortana screenshot search optionsIf you will choose “Show search icon” you will see a Circle icon, see bellow.

cortana circle icon on taskbar

To Disable Cortana

If you want to disable Cortana so it will not show up in your search box, click on the little hamburger icon on the top left and then choose Settings.

cortana menu

Then click the toggle to disable it.

cortana screenshot menu to disable

Now Cortana is disabled, to enable it back follow the same steps and set the toggle on.

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