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Smartphones have been to put relationships at a risk of ending prematurely.  Partners ignore each other and prefer to us their phones and if one person feels left out, your bet is as good as mine; the relationship will die. Here are some ways that you can have fun with your Smartphone by engaging with other people especially those close to you.

Have Fun Playing Games

Pac-Man Android Games

There are interesting games that you can play with friends using your Android phone. This makes you all equal and not just you staring at your phone’s screen.  You can download games such as crossword based ones. It is easy for everyone to understand. You also engage as you try to figure out the answers and even ask one another. You think as a group and you end up socializing.

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Have Fun Taking Photos

Taking beautiful photos of you and your friends is another way to socialize. You share ideas to create beautiful photos and upload them on social media. With an Android phone you can pose and take nice photos without interfering other people’s privacy.  Nothing looks warm and lovely like a selfie.  You can also take photos of beautiful places and animals and view them later when in the house.

Have Fun Watching a Video Together

You may think that watching a video on a phone is not interesting. Just try watching one with someone you do not mind huddling together with. Now Android phones have enough big screens.  You can sit on your sofa and just share an interesting video. You cannot believe it, but it will bring you close just like a good talk.

Have Fun Listening to Good Music


Music is the cure for an icy silence. It may not bring up a conversation, but it will bring you together. You do not need a huge speaker to enjoy music.  The best thing is that you can collect your favorite music and play it for your friends and it will definitely lighten their mood.

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wync music appGive It a Break

Once you start having fun with your Android phone, it’s not easy to put it down. But, you should give it a break, put the phone down and have a real conversation sometimes. Discuss things with friends and it will make socializing using the phone more fun. It becomes a problem when you have to sit next to one another with earphones each person lost in their own world. Staring at your phone all the time is a way of telling others to wait till you finish. Avoid and you will always feel good when you use the phone without causing others to feel alienated.

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