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Linux brings a new world to you that make using your PC fun and enjoyable. It comes with free desktop environments and open source software suitable for every computer. It is incomparable with Windows as it offers far much more. The only challenge may be learning how to use it or even install it.  However the best thing is that you do not have to get it installed in your PC for you to start using it. How is that possible? Read on.

Select and Start Downloading Linux

Linux Fedora

Linux is very different from windows. It does not come with one version and its distributions combine Linux kernel with software such as GNU core, web browser, desktop environments, each Linux distribution brings together some of these elements making the one operating system that can be installed in a PC. Distro watch will give you a good detailed summary about different big Linux distributions that you can try. The best distribution to begin with after using Windows MAY BE Ubuntu.  It tries hard to eliminate the rough edges that come with Linux. Most Linux users go for Linux Mint and it usually ships MATE or Cinnamon desktops. These two traditional compared Ubuntu’s desktop.

Go for one of the most popular ones like Ubuntu, Mint, openSUSE or Fedora. Using the USB installer, preferably a universal one, you should create thumb drive that can be booted. This is done using Linux distribution ISO image. Remember that downloading the ISO image from the Linux Distribution website is free.

Linux OpenSUSE

The ISO image can be burn to DVD or copied to a USB drive using a USB installer. The later is a better idea than the first one if it’s possible. It enables it to boot and start running fast. For those who want to install immediately, the disc the way to do.

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This is the way to get started with Linux on a common Windows PC. However, if you to get it into Raspberry, Chromebook or any other device, you have to follow some special instructions.

You Can Go Live Now

To start using Linux in your system, you have to reboot your computer. To do that you, you have to restart your PC with the USB or disc drive inserted. This will boot it automatically. If this fails, simply choose to boot the device while boot process is still going on.

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