Today even Facebook has got enough Viruses to get you in trouble with your Facebook friends. Now there is a popular virus that is very popular on Facebook. Usually the Facebook virus gets to you when you click on a link, clicking on the link gets the Virus to your account, which automatically spreads same message and link to other users, the virus can spread your profile picture to all your friends making them to click on the link and automatically they get the same virus. In this article I will explain how to fix your Facebook account if you have a Facebook virus.

How to get rid of any Facebook Virus?

Step 1. The first thing must be changing your password:
In Facebook click on “Settings” from account drop down menu:

facebook account settings

Step 2. From “General Account Settings” in the “Password” line choose “Edit” to change your password. Write your “Current Password” and the “New Password“.


facebook password edit

Step 3. Again go to “Settings” from account drop down menu, at this time choose “Apps“, after under all your applications and games you have there click “Show All“:

Facebook show all apps

Step 4. One or more apps from this list is is a fake app and actually it’s the Virus, I would recommend you to remove All Apps from you Facebook, to be sure that you’ll get rid of the Virus, if you are not sure which one is the virus, here is how you have to remove the app:

  • Mouse over the app you want to remove and click on X to Remove
  • A message box will ask you if you want to delete all your activity on Facebook from the app you are trying to delete, check it and click “Remove“.

facebook remove app

Step 5. After removing the virus app or all apps, you will have to Clean your browser History, Cache and Passwords.

Now you got rid of the Facebook Virus posting private messages or doing other spam things. That’s All.


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