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If you are a lucky owner of a MacBook, MacBook Pro or Macbook Air , I will show you some tricks on how to get more juice out of your battery. It will be very useful for yourself when you are somewhere with your MacBook and cannot use the charger.

Here are some tips which you can use and get more minutes or even hours from your MacBook Battery.

1. Show the Battery Percentage

If you want to know how much you battery is full, you should enable the option to see the battery percentage. This will change the battery icon from menu bar to percentage indicator.

To enable this option click on the battery icon on menu bar at the top right from your desktop and select the Show Percentage option. See bellow.

show macbook battery percentage

2. Check Your Battery Condition

Mac OS X Yosemite has a new useful tool which can tell you the condition of your battery and not too many know about this.

To see the condition of your battery, click on the battery icon on the menu bar and you can read the current stat of the battery.

If battery is in a perfect condition you will see the word Normal, if your battery is not in a good condition just like in the screenshot bellow you will see a warning message which says “Service Battery” or “Replace Soon”

macbook service battery screenshot

3. Display and Keyboard Brightness

To save more battery you will have to dim your display as much as you can. It is not necessary to fully dim it as it will hurt your eyes. Dim it as much as your eyes can see without too much effort.

To control the display brightness you have to use the F1 and F2 keys on the keyboard, or on other versions you will have to use also Fn key together with F1 or F2 key.

If you have a brightness keyboard you should also turn it off as it also drains battery,

Remember that the Display is the biggest battery drainer on almost every device.

macbook brightness indicator

For a better battery saving, you can disable your MacBook’s auto brightness feature by unchecking it from the to System Preferences -> Display, see bellow.

macbook display settings

4. WiFi and Bluetooth

WiFi and Bluetooth are the technology which connects with wireless devices such as mouses, router, keyboards, headphones to connect with your MacBook.

My recommendation is to turn them always off, except when you need to use to connect to other devices, turn on. WiFi and Bluetooth also drains much juice from your battery. This is because WiFi is always searching for an available hot spot to connect to, and when the Bluetoothis on,  it is sending data around so other devices could see it. So both are using pretty much energy.

5. Close Running Applications and Applications in the Background

Maybe you did not think about it, but every running application is eating some of your battery. Having more application running your battery will drain much faster, so don’t forget to use only the application you need, opening 1 application at a time will be the most efficient. Also do not forget about background running applications like Dropbox, Twitter, Skype if you don’t use them at the moment, close them, this will save much more battery juice.

macbook menu bar

Start trying these tips every time you need more battery juice and you should see and enjoy an extended battery life on your MacBook.

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