androidl lockscreen

Soon Google will show us maybe the New Nexus 6, wherever the phone will be called Nexus or Silver, there will be the newest Android L. Android L has been already presented by Google, it seems that there are improvements everywhere, and Design, the new design is very Cool, now Android L for sure can have a battle with iOS on the design. The logn name for Android L seems to be Android Lemon Meringue Pie, but there hasn’t any official confirmation. Today we would like to help you to customize your Android to look more like the New Android L, because I am sure you’ll have to wait a lot of time till you’ll get the new version of Android L. Till there you can change totally your look screen to look the exact same way as on Android L.


I will propose to you two of the best apps to change your default Android lock screen with one which looks exact same way as on Android L Lock Screen. You need Android 4+ version on your Android Phone, and internet connection.

Go to Android Market and Search: Android L Lock Screen

In the Results will appear a bunch of apps, we need to try just two of them:


First is: Ultimate Android L Lockscreen, and the Second one is: Beautiful Lockscreen Android L

You can try with first one, after installation, open the app from your phone and you will find settings like:

Ability to change lockscreen background with one like from Android L or others from your gallery.

Ability to blur lockscreen background.

Configure swipe direction to open any apps.

Using expand action like orginal L lockscreen such as reply,call back.

Blacklist any apps from showing on lockscreen notifications.

Security to protect your phone.


To disable the lockscreen: Go to phone Settings, Applocatin manager, Tab Downloaded, select the app your don’t want and click Uninstall, after uninstall your phone will set the default lock screen from version of Android you have.


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