Amazon is a very popular online shop where you can buy all kind of stuff. Many don’t know that we are paying bigger prices in most cases. So let us teach you how to get the best Amazon Discounts.

Amazon became popular by selling books, the most interesting books you could always find on Amazon. Today Amazon doesn’t sell only books, but it sells everything starting from cosmetics to computers. Also, you could use Amazon to buy second hands electronics which are much cheaper than finding them through friends.

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To buy from Amazon the first step is to register an account. Go to this page to register, you will need an email address and your name. Also, you will have to select the method to pay for things and add your delivery address for the products you will buy to be delivered to.

There are more that one Amazon websites, basically for different countries and in different languages. The most popular website is the domain which is located in the United States of America. Well, you should know that if you are living in another country than the USA, and you are buying from the USA website which is to the price will be added some additional taxes and commissions.

Same way if you live in the European Union, if the product you buy is from a country outside of European Union, there will be applied some taxes, if you buy from a country inside the European Union there will no be taxes applied.

Also, the delivery is an important factor too, make sure you find the things you want to buy near as possible to your country, so the delivery will costs less for you.

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How to Get Best Amazon Discounts?

You should pay attention when you are searching for things on Amazon. Amazon always will show you things that have discounts and you might be interested in. Pay attention to recommended things, you can save a lot of money, buy things on which Amazon offers discounts today.

When buying Amazon things you will always see messages like: People who bought this, bought also this and this, or this additional accessory. Electronics or other things sold together with accessories are much cheaper. Searching later for accessories will cost you a lot more. Use this opportunity and get today offered Amazon Discounts.

Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Monday 2016 on Amazon

If you have a smartphone I would recommend you to install the Amazon app from Google Play or Apple AppStore. The app will allow you track each step of your delivery. To use Amazon it’s enough to know English language, and the main thing is the patience, you must wait and save your money for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. On Amazon, you will really find great offers on these days.

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