nokia phone low battery

Many of us struggle with low battery on our phones just about half of a day. Just take some time to play a game or browser internet using Wi-Fi, when fin out that you got only 20% of battery left for the rest of the day.

Phone are becoming thinner, more powerful, but looks like batteries stopped at around 3000 mAh, which for a Hexa or Octa-Core smartphone is not enough capacity.

Here I will tell you some options to get a long lasting phone battery.

1. Use a Battery Case

iphone battery case

This is the first and the best option in my opinion, because it give protection to the phone and a very big battery . You can buy a battery case for your phone model from online websites. You can find phone cases with batteries almost everywhere. Give it a try on eBay.

A battery case will replace your phone original battery and usually you don’t need the original back panel, you will have your phone battery increased by 2 times or even more. The disadvantage of this option is that your phone will look much bigger as it will be much thicker with the custom battery case.

2. Aftermarket Battery Replacement

aftermarket phone battery replacement

Another option is to buy another battery for replacement. Usually you will buy an after market bigger battery, which will have more power. You will have to replace your original battery and back panel with a bigger one. Same disadvantage, the phone will bit a little thicker, actually not too much.

3. Use a Separate Mobile Battery Pack

pocketcell battery pack

Another option is to use a separate mobile battery pack. These battery packs are very big, they can have from 10,000 mAh. They are enough big and weight more than a smartphone. The advantage is that they have a lot of power and you can take them with you on a trip. Will save you a lot, you can use them for a week.

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