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An anti-malware technology that started in the year of 2010, made to discover malware without it existing on the user PC has been raising concerns, security investigators claim. This particular type of rogue antivirus program goes by the name of Suspicious.Cloud and it has several variants. Security investigators regard it as a possible entry to a malware infection on the system. However, this does not exclude that it may also bring other minor threats in the user PC. This program is reported to exist in different variants – 8.EP, 5, 9.5. These are strongly believed to be the same technology with minor alterations in it and are all potential danger to computers.

How Did Get In My Computer?

There are several means that this software may have utilized to slip unnoticed on your computer or trick you into installing it, believing it will help. Most users tend to install programs such as these or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that may cause the download of via a redirect or by clicking on an ad. What is worse, is that such programs may be bundled with useful applications, like your favorite media player, for example. What usually happens is that third-party sites may include any apps, without having in mind what the consequences may be for the user. This is why a good recommendation would be to always take care about what you install because combined setups of programs may even fool some advanced PC users with a lot of experience.

More About Suspicious.Cloud

This software is believed to situate .dll files in the %AppData% folder. Once fully operational on the computer, Suspicious.Cloud may be a bit more sensitive than your regular antivirus program. Be on the lookout for detections of intrusions on the computer, since they may be administered by this software on a regular basis. In case it has identified malware on your computer, first you should make sure that the file exists before guaranteeing it. In case that is true make sure you upload the file on one of the many independent websites that scan infected files with multiple antivirus programs at once. This will help you identify the legitimacy of the file.

Either way, experts at Enigma Software group believe that this particular software is connected in a way with many aliases that have a malware status reputation:

Trojan.Generic;Artemis;Kryptik;Rodricter Trojan.Inject;Trojan.Hupigon Backdoor.Delphi;Generic Trojan;Win 32 Injector;Simda Backdoor;Generic BackDoor;Zbot PWS;Foreign Trojan

How To Detect And Remove Suspicious.Cloud?

To determine if Suspicious.Cloud is useful for you, you may want to scan your computer with a particular anti-malware tool focused not only on threats with high importance and relevance. Also it takes in mind potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and low-level threats to the PC. In case you detect any threats, make sure you isolate them, by disconnecting from the internet and downloading anti-malware software from a safe PC so you can install it offline and scan your machine. This should surely remove all associated objects and prevent your PC from further intrusions and security breaches.

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