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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 are  in the top of the best gadgets of 2015. Beautiful design with a beautiful iOS. Even if these are through the most wanted smartphones today, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any bugs.

One of issue which is often reported is the iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape Issue. The iPhone 6 just gets stuck with the keyboard into the landscape mode every time user uses it in landscape. This is so annoying, much more than these, at the same time users can have issues with keyboard not responding. This problem was reported usually to occur while using the iMessaging app while trying to type an sms text.

In this guide I will show you how to fix the iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape Issue.

Three Way to Fix iPhone 6 Keyboard Landscape Problem

Solution 1. Hard Reboot the Phone

The easiest and the method that works almost 100% of the times, is to hard reboot your smartphone. To do it you will have to press the power button and the home screen button on your iPhone 6 to turn it off. Then use the same button to turn it back on. You will notice that the problem has dissipated.

iphone hard reset reboot



Solution 2. Turn Off the Raise to Listen Feature

The Raise to listen feature of the iPhone 6 is a feature that enabled, allows the user to listen to the incoming messages and reply to them by raising the device to ear.

Users noticed that when the device is in the landscape mode it can be that audio messages are being prompted and that is creating the issue. That’s why I recommend to turn it off.

To turn it off go to Settings and scroll down and select Messages. Then turn off Raise to Listen.


Solution 3. Turn On Zoom

This is not a solution but can be considered as a good alternative to use your keyboard more convenient without getting in touch with the bug.

Go to Settings and tap General. Then go to Accessibility and turn on Zoom.


Important: The best solution will be to check for updates and update your iOS when it will be released. Apple is watching all the bugs and for sure a fix will be release with the next update.

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