android freeze htc desire c

android freeze htc desire cHTC has one of the best designed devices, however the inside makes me crazy. They really don’t know what means to be Ergonomic. I can’t talk about other phones from HTC but about Desire C i can say that it was stifled by unnecessary applications.

Applications in turn make updates, backups, synchronization and many other movements that steal operative memory. This causes the phone to freeze.

What can we do?

1. Many complain that it could be because of the SD card, however it’s not. There is a option in Settings to backup your Contacts on the SD card on standby. So, if we’ll think a little we can say that removing the SD card solves the Freeze problem because there is no location to store the backup’s, but this is not a SOLUTION. A solution is to disable the automatic backup, and yes, don’t forget to make manually backups at least 1 time/month.

Disable Automatic Backups

Go to: Settings > Backup and Reset > turn off Back up my data on other devices you can find this in Settings > Privacy > turn off Back up my data

2. Disabling apps that you don’t need also frees some memory. To do this just go to Settings > Apps > All tab. Choose apps that you know but don’t like to use, tap on it then click Disable.

Be careful, disabling apps that the phone uses (like Android system, Call app, Settings app, others..) may stop some of your phone’s important features.

disable apps on android htc

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