How to fix a wet mobile phone


Have you ever dropped your cell phone in the sink, or maybe your friends dunked you in a swimming pool just for fun? Who knows, maybe you got beaten by the rain? Getting your cell phone wet usually means you have to replace it, but sometimes if you’re fast enough, you might be able to save it.

Dismantling your phone completely would help it to dry more effectively, doing so will void your warranty. It usually requires tools and may jeopardise your phone if you’re not careful, so it’s not recommended.

Instead, follow these steps:

1. Retrieve your phone from the drink straight away. The more time it swimms, the more risk of damage increases.

2. DON’T! Don’t even think to check if it still works or press any buttons, since putting pressure on the keys could move liquid further into the device.

3. The best thing to do is immediately pull out the battery, thus minimising power to the device that may cause it to short circuit. However if you own a handset with a non-replaceable battery, like an iPhone or iPad, then pulling the battery isn’t an option. You’ll have to risk pressing a few button to check if it’s still on and to turn it off if it is.

4. Remove any peripherals and attachments on your phone, such as cases, SIM card and any SD cards it carries, leaving ports or covers on you handset open to aid ventilation.

5. Dry off everything with a towel, including the exterior of your handset, the headphone jack, dock connector, or other areas. Be careful not to let any water drain into openings on the phone.

6. Even when everything’s dry, it’s very likely there’s moisture within the device that you need to get out before turning it on. The most popular fix for a sodden phone is to bury the handset in a bowl of dry rice, as it has hygroscopic properties that can attract and absorb moisture. Also you can use silica gel packs (the kind used in shoeboxes) to greater effect. Leave it in the rice/silica gel for a few days.
7. When you’re shure it’s dried out, put the battery and try switching it on. Good luck!

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