Have you lost your Android phone? Or it was stolen? Yes, you can find it even if you didn’t installed an App before this. We leave in the age of Technologies. On the market there are a bunch of phone recovery or anti-theft apps which can be a lifesaver in case you lost your phone or in case it got stolen.

How to find your Android phone using Google Play account

If you set up a Google Play account on your phone, then just install an application that will help you.

1. Login on Google Play website using your account and install AndroidLost app. AndroidLost on Google Play
If Google Play account is still setup with it, the app will be automatically installed when the device gets an internet connection.

2. Now, remains to investigate the case. All actions jump on the Android Lost website.sign in google play androidlost
Login there using your Google Play account and give it the requested permissions. When you’ve done this, just head to the Controls board and if the App was installed on the phone, then you should get a list of available features like:

  • View on map the location
  • Get a front camera photo
  • Send a message to the phone
  • Read phone status
  • Wipe or lock the phone
  • Erase SD Card
  • Other…

If instead of a list with features you get the message: Waiting for phone to be registered. this means the phone didn’t got a internet connection to install the app on it. Wait some time then check this page again.

Good luck.

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