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USB sticks or Flash drives at the moment are the best when it comes to physically transport or store data. Why physically? Because nowadays Cloud storage, slowly push from the market USB sticks offering more and more free space for storing files with unlimited size. But, till we will move totally to Cloud storage lets see how could we improve USB sticks.

In Windows 7 and newer versions there is a built in feature which encrypts the files stored on the USB stick. How does it help me? Well, if you lose the stick or if someone steals it, will not be able to read the files from it without your password, smart card or recovery key.

How to Encrypt USB Stick Files

Step 1: Plug in your USB stick

Step 2: Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > Bitlocker Drive Encryption

bitlocker drive encryption

Step 3: From the list with all available drives, find the USB Stick and click Turn On Bitlocker

Step 4: You should be asked how to unlock the drive, i suggest you choose the first option “Use a password to unlock the drive”, check it and write a strong password.

add password to encrypt

Step 5: In the next step you should Save the recovery key, in case you forget the password. Don’t save it on the USB stick you’re encrypting, save it somewhere on your computer.

Step 6: Now that you should be able to Start encrypting, by pressing the appropriate button.

start encrypting

A status bar should appear, wait till it finishes the Encryption and then you’ll get a notification message.

That’s all, now your driver is safe and encrypted.

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