Android already accustomed to surprise us with new useful features. So they made, with the “OK Google” feature on Moto X. The interesting thing was that there disappeared the interaction with phone’s buttons and it started acting like a friend waiting for you to talk.

Finally, in iOS 8 we got similar functionality with the “Hey Siri” command. But there is a problem, it works only if your phone is in charging mode. Maybe this is due to high power consumption of constantly processing the sounds around you to see who you talk to.

However, this feature could be extremely useful for situations like when you lay on your bed and talking to Siri from your night stand or just when you drive.

How to activate Hey Siri hands-free

Head to: Settings > General > Siri here find and turn on the switch of Allow “Hey Siri” That’s all.

allow hey siri handsfree

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