I tried several times to move Technozed.com WordPress website to a new server, and it was a pain. You have to move the website files, images, copy everything to a new server. Then get into database export it, create a new database on the new server, import. Change passwords, change WordPress database name, passwords…. A lot of things to do!

As the result I had duplicated images, plugins not working at all and website settings not as they have been before.

WP Clone Plugin

I tried to move my website with WP Clone plugin, it works very good if your website backup file is not bigger then 500MB. If it is bigger plugin doesn’t work. Also after you move the website you have to review categories names, deactivate all plugins and activate them back.

All in One WP Migration Plugin

Finally I found a plugin that can do everything very well, and you will have just to review your plugins of course.

With All in One WP Migration Plugin, everything went so well that I was amazed. What you have to do to migrate the WordPress to another server?

1. Install a fresh WordPress on the new server.

2. Install All in One WP Migration Plugin on both servers from WordPress DashboardPlugins.

wp_migration3. Choose Export from under the All-in-One WP Migration and export to File. Now all your website will be exported to a single file which you can download directly or transfer to your computer through FTP client like FileZilla.

wp_migration_export4. Make sure you have installed a new WordPress installation on new server, also from WordPress make sure you installed All in One WP Migration Plugin on the new server as well.

5. From the WordPress on the new server, go to Import under the All-in-One WP Migration and choose Import From – File.

That’s it! In some minutes, depending on your file size and upload speed, your new website will be on the new server. You don’t need to edit your MySQL database or anything else. Just make sure that your plugins work by disabling then and enabling back one by one.

The most important thing is that free version of All in One WP Migration Plugin allows you to import websites up to 512MB. You can buy this plugin for $45 with no size limitations. The most important is that you pay the money and it works!

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