Usually on Mac we watch high quality videos, that are large in file size. To watch the same videos on our iPads or iPhone we don’t need that the video to be with such a big size and quality as the iPad and iPhone screen is much smaller.

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We will have to convert our videos from Mac to a smaller size to be able to fit much more on our iPad or iPhone. I think that you’ve seen the Apple’s QuickTime video software, which is default software to play videos.

QuickTime is not the best software to play all video formats, but it can convert videos to a perfect size for your iPad or iPhone.

Convert Videos with QuickTime “Export” Function

To start converting, you will have to open the video that you want to convert. The click “File” from the menu and go down to “Export” menu. There you can see, that you can save your video in 480p, 720p, 1080p, iPod, iPhone…, save the audio track or save the video to iTune. If you save the video to iTune it can be cast to any Airplay device like Apple TV.

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Convert Videos on a Mac - QuickTime Export

Now, for the iPhone or iPad choose the option “iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, & Apple TV…”.

Convert Videos on a Mac - QuickTime Export iPad iPhone

Then on the next screen you will get three options, I would recommend you to choose the second option “iPad, iPhone 4 & Apple TV”. The video with this size and quality will be perfect for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.

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After selecting press Save button, you will be asked to select the Export destination of the file and give it a name.

QuickTime Export Progress

Click the “Save” button again and the converting process will begin, if you want to stop the process for a reason, just click the X.

This is the easiest way to convert videos on a Mac with no additional software. I can recommend you to use QuickTime as it will save your videos in the best quality possible.

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