JSTorrent Chromebook

We can use a torrent app even on Chromebook, and we know that we have a plenty to choose from when we use Windows Mac or even Linux and Android! Using torrent on a Chromebook it’s not a problem, you even have advantages as Chromebook has a solit protection against viruses. In my opinion the best torrent app for a Chromebook is JSTorrent and see why.

Free and Paid Version

JSTorrent for Chromebook is a JavaScript based client and you can get it for free from GitHub. You can find same JSTorrent for sale on the Chrome Web Store for a few dollars. It’s the same version, but if you want to support the author you should give to him a few dollars on Chrome Web Store.

Download Free version from GitHub

Download Paid version from Chrome Web Store

Features of JSTorrent

  • If you don’t have too much space, JSTorrent has a nice feature to change the download location, you can change it even to your Flash Drive if.
  • JSTorrent works great, but for some trackers you will need to enable Spoofing.
  • You can leave Show Notifications for download progress unchecked, in that way you will no be bothered while doing some other important things.
  • With the optional JSTorrent Helper Extension, you will just have to right-click on a magnet link to add it to the client, instead of opening the torrent from Chromebook Download folder.
  • Watching the progress with JSTorrent is easy, it shows you the status in the upper section of the program. You’ll know how much of the download is complete and how fast is going.

What You Should Know About Torrenting

Chromebooks aren’t fast enough for multitasking. I would recommend to schedule your downloads when you are not working on your Chromebook.

Downloading using torrent program is legal, it just depends what kind of content you are downloading, legally free or cracked and stolen.

Don’t worry about infecting you Chromebook, it’s not so easy. Even if something is wrong you can reset it easy with Recovery Media.

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