Instagram users receive lot of photos from family, friends, relative, colleagues, celebrities etc. You may be interested in downloading their photos to your computer for safekeeping, or maybe you want to backup your Account before Removing it. The traditional option is to save each photo one by one, but what if there are hundred of photos? The other way is to use special software to download all Instagram pictures of any particular user. The fastest method could be an online generator, as we regularly used to show in the past tutorials. But not in this case because Instagram finds this abusive and blocks online generators. However, there are other easy methods.

1. Save-o-gram
This tool allows you to download photos from any user you want for 14 days, even in a .zip file. You can choose to download all photos or only those you selected. Just download and install the app from their website, write the user or the url to the user’s page in the top box and click the Arrow (save) button on the right. After the photos finish loading you can whether Check them all or the one’s you need and click the Download buttons from the bottom of the App. That’s all. Download here[1]

2. Instagram Downloader
The free version has limited access for 30 days. Download and install the application to your computer, open it and click in the middle of the app, in the box which appears write the username you want to view the photo’s. After the app loads all the photos click the Download all button. Download here


3. InstagramSaver
An easy to use program, hosted by, it’s a free software developed by anyone who wants to get involved as this is a Open Source project. Just enter the Instagram account you want to download and click on Download button. Download here[1]

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