apk_downloader_logo%20technozed.com[1]There are many reasons to download an APK file indirectly from Google Play. Let’s say you don’t have internet on your device or maybe the APK file is too big and your device doesn’t want to download it or even because you don’t have the Google Market on your phone and you don’t want to create a Google account.

How to download APK using online generator:
The easiest way as always is using an online generator and APK Downloader seems perfect for this job.

1. Paste the link from Google Play in the box on in the middle of the screen and press Generate Download link 

2. Wait till it generates a link, then press the green button that appears “Click here to download …” to download the APK.
That’s all.

There are more methods to download from Google Play, using Apps on your computer, or Chrome add-ons, but we don’t recommend using them, as to work they are using your account that is contrary to the Google Play rules of use.


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