Moving to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 could make you very nervous. One of the most annoying features of this Windows version are the touch gestures like Charms, App Switcher, App bar and others. These gestures aren’t of much use and they often get triggered accidentaly when you use the touchpad.

How to disable touchpad gestures

This touchpad features often integrate with your Mouse Control Panel, so that is where you must go to disable them.

1. Find in the right-bottom corner the app responsible for gestures, in my case ASUS Smart Gesture and it has an icon looking like the Touchpad.

2. Run it and go to Edge Gesture tab, there you can disable whatever feature you want, i disabled all of them.

If you can’t find the app responsible for Touchpad Gestures in the right corner then go to Control Panel > Mouse Settings and find the tab: Device Settings, UltraNav, EdgeAction, Elan, Logitech Touchpad or Dell Touchpad or whatever Touchpad drivers you have installed.

mouse settings device settings

Step 1: Access the Tab responsible for Touchpad gestures, here you whether have to select the LuxPad from the Devices: list then click on Settings button and move to the second Step, whether you’ll have a page modified by the Driver manufacturer and you’ll have to move directly to the second Step.

Step 2: Uncheck the option “Enable Edge Swipes” and click OK

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