windows 8 update security

Microsoft released Windows 10 more secured and tried to hide more options that manages updates from users. User can take some of the control other Windows 10 Automatic updates.

Windows 10 Update Downloads

Windows 10 will automatically download update, if you have internet connection with a limited data that can be a problem. You will be able to change it as metered and connection, this will not allow windows to download updates. Then you can use another Wi-Fi connection to download updates, but you will have to change is as unmetered connection.

wifi metered connectionTo change this option you will have to open the Settings app, select Network & Internet, scroll down, and select “Advanced options” below the list of Wi-Fi networks. Enable the “Set as metered connection” option. This option only affects the Wi-Fi network you are using. Windows will remember each network connection.

After enabling this option, Windows Update will say “Updates are available, and will be downloaded and installed when a schedule will start.

windows 8 update securityAlso you can open Update & Security app and download and install them.

Windows Reboots

Windows 10 automatically schedules the reboots, and it tries to reboot for example in the night. There is a possibility to tell Windows when to reboot.

To change it, open the Settings app, select Update & security, select “Advanced options” at the bottom of the Windows Update panel. Select “Notify to schedule restart” instead of “Automatic (recommended).”

windows 10 choose updates scheduleAfter updates will be installed, Windows will ask you when you want to reboot.

Disable Automatic Updates from Registry

You can disable automatic updates from registry only on Windows 10 Professional edition.

windows 10 choose how updates are installedYou will have to open registry by typing regedit in start menu. The exact setting you need to change is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU  You need to create the the keys bellow here. Create a DWORD value named “AUOptions” under the AU key and give it one of the following values:

00000002 (Notify for download and notify for install)

00000003 (Auto download and notify for install)

00000004 (Auto download and schedule the install)

Remember that disabling updates it’s not a good idea, as updates provides Windows with high risk security fixes, and other important things for Windows health.

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