Blogger is a very rich blogging platform owned by Google, and today it has a lot of features, it can be a decent platform for a blogger. One of its features is to disable user comments on a single blog post, or on a specific blog posts. Depending of user interests you can disable user comments on blog posts you want, here is how you do it:

Disable comments on a specific Blog Post

1. From Blogger Dashboard, click on “Orange Pencil” icon to create a new post for a blog.

3. Now you’re at blog “Post Editor”, in the right hand side you can see “Options” tab, click on it.

3. Option for “Readers comments” with two sub-options “Allow” and “Don’t Allow

4. To disable user comments on the post check the radio button “Don’t Allow” and press “Done“.

5. Write and publish your post.

blogger disable users comments on a specific post

Now commenting will not be available for this post. You’re done.

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