Now with Windows 10, we got lock screen Ads are very annoying and they are not desirable to many people as they operate on their personal computers. Ads are run by applications that are malignant and are not desirable in any computer that is in operation. They may appear in many forms that are not of importance to the user of the computer and they are likely to drain the data supply of the user. They can affect your productivity and make you irritated.

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This is why avoiding them or getting an option of viewing or not viewing them is greatly important. Follow the steps to remove Ads from Windows 10 Lock Screen.

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Disabling Ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen

Step 1. Start by clicking on Start on the windows menu and then open the Settings app that you are using with your computer. The ads are mainly connected with the setting in the computer.

Step 2. The second step is to choose the Personalization setting and then full navigation to the Lock Screen tab.

disable windows 10 ads personalization

Step 3. After opening this, find the fields with the reading Windows spotlight and then click on the box and you can choose various options including the display of either a slideshow or a picture depending on one’s preference.

disable windows 10 ads

The step followed above will be a great tool in the stoppage of ads pushing up on your screen mainly without your permission.

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Step 4. Ones you have selected the preferred style of your login screen, be sure to check the option of different pop up ads that are likely to happen and then press of to enhance automatic stoppage of the pushing up of ads without your permission.

This procedure is able to give you an assurance that you will never get the ads again whatsoever. Different ads include advertisements of applications, games, chatting sites and other activities that can operate online. They may be important to those looking for different services and products, but a big nuisance if you are not interested.

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If again the ads to you are not annoying and you would like to even have more of them, you can always have an option at the top of your sever. The option allows you to view specific ads or even go back to seeing more ads at any particular time when you are using your computer and you are connected to your internet server. The choice is yours, though most hate the ads and want concentrate on their work without ant interruptions.

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