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Google today is trying to index not only all web pages on the internet but also everything in the world. We know that Google doesn’t ask money from consumers, everything is free. But not really, you pay with information, your own personal information.

google loupe

Do you know that Google knows your Credit Card number ? Also, do you know that Google knows where is your home and where is your job, also Google knows everything about you!

If you do not want to give too much information to Google, Google allows you to delete your personal data collected by them. Here is how you do it.

1. Location History

Google tracks on the map everywhere you go. This is happening using Android or iOS device, in Android Google tracks you even if the GPS is off, literally your GPS is disabled just for apps and not from tracking yourself on the map.

Open this link:

Switch the dates, and where you find information, select 30 Days, then Delete All History.

google delete location history

2. Delete Your Google Search History

If you clear your browser history, Google will anyway keep your search history on their servers. To cler it go to following link:

Click the Settings icon and choose Remove items and delete your history from from the “beginning of time” if you want all the history from the beginning of time to be removed.

google search history


3. Opt out of Google Analytics

Website owners who use Google Analytics to keep track of website visitors, should know that can opt out of Google Analytics, go to this link:

4. Opt out of Interest Based Ads

Google collects data and then your data is sold to advertisers, then Google earns from advertisements.  If you don’t want that your data to be used for showing ads for you, go to the link bellow, then scroll down to Opt out settings and select Opt our of Interest-based ads on Google.

5. Control Apps that Use Your Google Data

You can login with Google in a lot of applications or websites, these apps also use your Google data, at least your name and email address. To control the list of apps that use your Google data go to the link bellow.

6. Export All the Data Out of Google

Google allows to export all the data that has on you, like: Bookmarks, history, devices, apps, videos, photos and much more. Go to the URL bellow and you can download the data Google has on you.

Note: It is almost impossible to hide our self from Google, as Google today is integrated in you mobile devices, computers and different programs. Even using an Apple Iphone, Apple Macbook and try as hard to getaway from Google, is it impossible. Google gets your data from any device.


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