facebook scam spam

Many times you can see that your friends recommends different awkward post on Facebook, like “Watch what is she doing”, “Look at this Guy”, “This amazing video” and so on.

Also you can notice posts that try to make you feel sad and help someone, or just to open the link and read the content.

Actually all this is a technique called “likejacking” where someone tricks users to like their page that you visit, after liking it, the post will appear on your page and will trick your friends.

Why Facebook is Full of Scams and Spams

Problem is not only in Facebook, but in all Social networks. Spammers want to spread fake rumors that will impress users and will steal their likes and shares. Cyber-Criminals, Spammers and Scammers created various schemes to get visitors to their pages, or to their products.

Because social networks gathers millions of users and content is spread very fast, spammers and scammers are very happy to steal users likes and increase their websites or products popularity. At the end it’s all about the money. They make money.

Does Facebook Fight Back

Yes it does, all social networks have the same problem, and fighting back is a priority. Facebook has a dedicated team to fight back spammers by judgements and adding new security features to protect you against scammers and spammers.

How to Get Rid of Spam and Scam Post from Your Facebook Timeline

Unfortunately only by just clicking a link from your friend, your Facebook account can get infected with a fake app that will fill your timeline with spam posts, also these type of apps can tag your friends in different posts. If your friends will click the link thinking that you posted it, they will get infected too.

Recommendation: Never click any suspected post, link or message sent by a stranger or even you friend, better ask you friend if he sent you that link, or posted it before clicking.

Step 1. It is recommended to change your password if your Facebook account is spamming. Go to “Settings” from account drop down menu:

Step 2. On “General Account Settings”, from “Password” line choose “Edit” to change your password.

Step 3. Go to “Settings” from account drop down menu and choose “Apps“. Under all your applications and games from Facebook click “Show All“:

Step 4. Find the fake app that can be under a regular game name that actually can be a spamming app, or an app that you don’t remember to add in. I would recommend you to remove All Apps you consider that you don’t use.

To do it: mouse over the app you want to remove and click on X to Remove

  • A message box will ask you if you want to delete all your activity on Facebook from the app you are trying to delete, check it and click “Remove“.

Step 5. After removing the app, go to your browser history and clean your cache and passwords.

How to Prevent Getting Trapped in Spamming

The best anti spam tool is your attention. You have to be very carefully for every activity you don on social networks, especially what links you open and it doesn’t matter that a friend sent it to you.

Make sure to review all your Facebook privacy settings. You should not let anybody to find you. Usually scammers use this to add you to friends and then send you spam.

Also be careful on what you download and install, it also can contain scam that involve your Facebook account without you to notice it.

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