Storing all your browsing history is like creating a folder against yourself. This information of course takes up storage space on your device and with time it will start causing you problems, like freezing or cluttered thinking. So, periodically its good to clear cached info.

How to Delete Browser History in Safari on iPhone 6

Step 1: Run Safari app and press the Bookmark button, the open book icon at the bottom of the screen.

bookmark button iphone browser

Step 2: Now, check if you are in the same tab, the opened book (tap it, if its not selected) and you should see the browsing history.

bookmark tab iphone safari

Step 3: To delete the browsing history, click Clear button from the bottom of the screen. This will open a drop down menu with several options, if you want to clear all history select Clear All History option, if not then read the rest and choose which one suits better for your situation.

clear all safari history

That’s all, now your browser history is clear and you are safe. Good luck.

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