There are many reasons why you should delete your browsing history as it shows what websites you’ve visited and also it takes up storage space on your device, which leads to memory leaks, freezing devices and other unlikely situations.

As Android devices have more popular Browsers, including Chrome and Samsung’s default one, we’ll try to explain the process for both of them.

How to Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome on Android

Step 1: Run Chrome Browser and open the drop down menu, hitting the 3 dots at the top of the screen, or if your device has physical Menu button, hit it.

Step 2: In the drop down menu, tap History option

chrome history button

Step 3: Select CLEAR BROWSING DATA… button from the bottom of the page and you’ll get a popup menu, from which you’ll choose what to delete. If you want just to clear browsing history, then make sure only this checkbox is selected and deselect the rest.

Step 4: Now just press the Clear button from the bottom right side and you’re done.

clear browsing history in chrome


How to Delete Browsing History in Android’s Default Browser

Step 1: Run Internet Browser and open the Menu, by pressing the 3 dots button or the physical Menu key,

Step 2: From the Options Menu press More button

internet browser more button

Step 3: Now from the Options list, choose Settings then scroll down till you find Clear history button, press it and click Ok to confirm.

clear history in internet browser

That’s all.

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