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Creating a WiFi hotspot means:

1. Creating a network
2. Sharing your internet connection with other devices through WiFi

How to Turn your Ubuntu Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

1. Click the Gear icon on the panel and go to System Settings > Network select Wireless from the left menu, then at the Network Name select the Wired network you want to share. Now go to Options and change the SSID: this is the name of the WiFi network you’ll share, at the Wireless Security tab change the Key: this is the password for the network and click Save button. Now to share the network just click on Use as Hotspot… button.hotspot created

2. To stop sharing WiFi, click on Stop Hotspot… button
Click on the Gear icon > System Settings > Network > Wireless (from the left menu) Stop Hotspot… button

Want to know how to do the same on Windows? Take a look at this Tutorial

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