Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It has now become a norm for almost everyone who owns a computer or a phone that uses Windows OS to have a Microsoft Account. Such an account is designed to help you retrieve, share and send information over the internet. By having a Microsoft account, you can sync all your devices and access and manage them easily. For a long time, you only had to open such an account primarily via Microsoft. Now it has been made easier because you can open a Microsoft account on your Windows 10 device via Gmail or Yahoo.

How To Create The Account?

1. Go To the Start Menu

In order to acquire a Microsoft account, all you have to do is go to the start menu and click on ‘your username’. You should then go to change your account settings. You will find ‘your account’ where you should click on the sign in with a Microsoft account instead. The process is easy because the prompts are easy to find and comprehend. Under the Accounts settings, you will then find a ‘No account’ link where you should click on.

2. Fill In The Details

Microsoft Account - Create Account

In the page that will come up after clicking on the link, you can then enter your non Microsoft email address which will be associated with your new Microsoft email. Among the details that you must enter include your name, your password, your birthday and your country. As usual when opening a new online account, you will be sent an email link to confirm or verify your email registration. However, ignore the link and click on next.

3. Choose To Receive Ads Or Not To

On the next page, you will find Microsoft prompting you to accept promotional material and advertisements that they periodically send its subscribers. You can opt to accept or deny giving Microsoft permission to send you such information and ads. You should then click on the next and follow all the prompts that follow all the way to the end. You will get a complete setup menu.

Microsoft Account - Create Account 2

You will now be able to access your Microsoft account using your non-Microsoft email account on Windows 10. The main benefit you will enjoy while using Microsoft Account is that you access it through a local account where you can downloads apps from Windows Store, Sync Edge Passwords and personalizing your account. It is that simple and you can have fun with a Microsoft account.

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