PDF[1][1]Saving documents in PDF format, has several advantages. One of them may be transforming to static format, so opening this document on another computer doesn’t change arrangements depending on user’s settings, as often happens in doc format (Word). But what if you later want to edit this pdf?

Try following methods:

1. Using Adobe Acrobat
Open your document with Adobe Acrobat, on the Top menu go to File > Save As Other… > Microsoft Word >(choose Word or Excel). Adobe Acrobat offers the opportunity to convert full document to text or just the part you selected. Detailed explanation find in the official How to:

2. Online conversion
Htmlpublish – converts PDF instantly to Word document and generates a download link to the converted file. Link here
Freepdfconvert – Converts PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or just to Image. And allows you to choose between instant download and email converted file to your Mail. Link here

3. Free Converter Program
iStonsoft PDF to Word Converter – Converts PDF files to editable Word documents, they have versions for Windows and Mac. Download and install the free one for your computer. Open the program, click the Browse button at the bottom, choose the PDF file from your computer and then click the big Play button from the Right bottom corner to start Converting. Download here

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